Divi Plus – powerful multipurpose plugin for Divi

Using Divi plus, you can create Divi breadcrumbs, Divi animated text, image hotspots, fancy text, and much more. Inside this single, you get over 10+ Divi modules that are easy-to-use and apply on any web page or website.

Divi Plus can help you do it easily and in less frequent time if you want to create attractive, engaging, and beautiful web elements. It comes with multiple Divi modules that are useful in day to day web designing.

Multiple modules in a single plugin

Currently, there are a total of 12 Divi modules available in this plugin. All modules come with multiple features and layouts that make creating awesome web page elements even more exciting.

Modules available in this plugin are as follows:

Divi Plus Breadcrumbs module allows you to add beautiful and modern breadcrumbs on your Divi theme website.

Fancy Headings
Using the Divi Plus Fancy Headings module, you can create attractive custom headings with color and other cool effects.

Fancy Text
Easily create and add engaging text on your website that keeps readers more than usual.

Before and After Slider
It allows you to create an image slider and display before and after versions of an image.

Using this module, you can add separator lines on your Divi web pages. It comes with 8 types of lines as well as also allows you to add separator with text, icon, and shadow.

Create self-explanatory images with spot areas having information on them. Options to choose different types of spot markers, apply tooltip entrance animation, and much more. With this module, it’s much easier to add Divi image hotspots without any plugin.

Text Animator
Under this module of the Divi Plus plugin, you can create Divi animated text. It comes with over 10+ animated text effects.

Using this module, you can create Divi timelines and showcase your story in style with multiple effects.

Advanced Button
Divi Plus’ Advanced Button module gives you the option to add an exciting and interesting button that fulfills the purpose for what they were created in the first place. Inside this module, you get multiple layouts for buttons, and multiple background hover effects.

How To Schema
Use this module and forget about the usual way of creating the HowTo structured data pages.

Content Toggle
Easily create content with a toggle that allows you to showcase more with less scrolling. Such as pricing tables with toggle, different text information display, and many more. Plus, use saved layouts to create those content toggle that you might see every other day on different websites.

Business Hours
Divi Plus’ Business Hours module lets you create custom business hours that look much better than the one at the bottom of the page.