Perform on-page SEO check on a WordPress website


On-page SEO is an important factor for ranking. With this bean, we will perform the listed tasks on a WordPress or Divi website (with under 20) pages.

  1. Check for meta description on all pages
  2. Analyze H1 tag on all pages of WordPress or Divi website.
  3. Find duplicate H1 on all pages
  4. Find multiple H1 on all pages
  5. Find duplicate content
  6. Find duplicate titles on pages
  7. Find missing titles on all pages
  8. Find duplicate meta description
  9. Find broken links on all pages
  10. Delete the Meta-Keywords
  11. Add a favicon for Divi or WordPress website.
  12. Create an XML sitemap for the Divi or WordPress website.
  13. Add site to the Google Search Console
  14. Submit a sitemap in the Google Search Console
  15. Integrate a Google Maps map on the contact page
  16. Find pages with a slow response time.


We will provide a detailed report on each topic and the list of URLs with issues related to the above. We will not write content and will update the pages based on given updated content from you (including page title, meta description, and unique heading). Further, these all above mention checks will improve SEO of your Divi or WordPress website.

Why Choose us?

  1. Quick response and support
  2. Skilled professionals with over a decade experience
  3. Low price guarantee
  4. Follow secure procedure
  5. 100% client satisfaction.